Who doesn't want to make the right decision when it comes to something as important as your pre-university study, which might just make or break your university life?

Unlike 20 years ago, students nowadays are spoilt for choice with the constantly growing amount of colleges and universities in Malaysia. Two of the most popular pre-university programmes are A Level and AUSMAT (Australian Matriculation) / SACE International. If you are deciding between these two, here is an infographic to help you with your decision.

A Level vs AUSMAT: Infographic

A Level vs AUSMAT [INFOGRAPHIC] - HeaderA Level vs AUSMAT [INFOGRAPHIC] - Duration & IntakesA Level vs AUSMAT [INFOGRAPHIC] - AssessmentA Level vs AUSMAT [INFOGRAPHIC] - CostA Level vs AUSMAT [INFOGRAPHIC] - RecognitionA Level vs AUSMAT [INFOGRAPHIC] - College Recommendations

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A Level vs AUSMAT: Summary & Conclusion

Go for A Level if...

  • You plan to apply into world's top universities such as Ivy League universities;
  • You plan to study a competitive course such as medicine, law or engineering;
  • You plan to further your study in the UK; and/or
  • You prefer taking exams instead of doing continuous assessments.

Go for AUSMAT / SACE International instead if...

  • You prefer a more affordable and quicker path while keeping future options open;
  • You plan to further your study in Australia; and/or
  • You prefer doing continuous assessments instead of taking exams.