A good university is one that’s good for you.

The biggest tip in deciding which university to enroll into is to not just look at the reputation, but also what can the university bring to you, as a student. After all, everyone has different needs and most importantly, different universities have different specialties.

With so many private universities mushrooming around major cities in Malaysia, it can be difficult for most people to figure which university is best for your chosen field of study. To save you the trouble and confusion, here’s a full updated list of some of the best private universities in Malaysia with their best known fields.

(Note: This article has been updated for 2019. We have added and removed some institutions; as well as updated what they are recommended for. This list is in alphabetical order.)

1. Asia Pacific University (APU)

Recommended for Computer Science & Information Technology.

Since 1993, Asia Pacific University (APU) has developed industry-ready graduates with its specialized tech-based syllabus and astounding industry partners which includes IBM, Cisco, Google Web Academy and Dell. In addition, APU has secured more than 100 Awards which includes the Prime Minister's Award for Industry Excellence. The brand spanking new campus is in Technology Park Malaysia.

2. Curtin University Sarawak 

Recommended for BusinessEngineering & Mass Communication.

This Australian university has set up a beautiful campus in Miri. Curtin University Sarawak offers an Australian degree with plenty of transfer options to their Perth campus. They have 8 types of Engineering degrees, one of which is an Environmental Engineering programme.

3. HELP University 

Recommended for Psychology & Early Childhood Education.

In addition to the ability to transfer to one of 28 partner universities, HELP University offers courses in a wide range within the psychology field, including Business Psychology and Psychological Science. So, there is a niche course for students interested in exploring the business side of psychology as well as those into the neurological side of psychology.

4. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Recommended for Actuarial Science & Engineering.

On top of its cutting edge and modern ‘green’ campus in the heart of Putrajaya, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia has been providing industry-driven curriculum since its establishment in Edinburgh since 1821. Engineering graduates who finish their 4th year in the main campus in Scotland will graduate with a Masters of Engineering (MEng) certification. How’s that for graduating one step ahead?

5. INTI International University


Recommended for American Degree ProgramInformation Technology & Mass Communication.

With a wide array of pathways, INTI International University has campuses in Central, Northern and Eastern Malaysia. With a 98% employment rate upon graduation, the university places focus on producing work-force ready students with skills to help them succeed.

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6. KDU University College

Recommended for Game Development & Mass Communication.

Established since 1983, KDU University College has ventured into three other campuses around Klang Valley and Penang, with the latest city campus in Glenmarie. Awarded Silver in the inaugural Putra Brand Awards 2010 for Education and Learning, KDU strikes a chord with their Mass Communications programme and in Creative Arts. Boasting a 45,000 alumni network, KDU students successfully excels in the workplace.

7. Le Cordon Bleu (Malaysia)

Recommended for Culinary Arts.

Students that have the passion in baking and/or cooking, can advance their knowledge and skills in one of the best culinary arts school in the world, Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia. Students can choose from the traditional French cuisines to pastry making in a Michelin star environment. Graduates go on to work in prestigious, world class restaurants worldwide.

8. MAHSA University

Recommended for MedicineNursing.

MAHSA University offers medical and health care programmes in collaboration with renowned academic institutions in United Kingdom. Besides the cohesive curriculum, the university goes the extra mile for student’s hands-on learning with MAHSA’s own Community Clinics and Centres. This produces confident and well-equipped medical practitioners, ready for legitimate practice. 

9. Monash University Malaysia

Recommended for Business & Pharmacy.

This institution needs no introduction. Monash University Malaysia is famous for its Business,Pharmacy and Engineering degrees. Living up to its name, Monash was ranked in the Top 100 by Times Higher Education World Ranking. Monash University Malaysia Campus offers a cost-effective option to study closer to home but with a highly-coveted degree from Australia.

10. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed)

Recommended for MedicineBiomedical Science.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is the perfect choice for aspiring doctors or medical officers who wish to get an international MBBS degree without having to worry about high living costs and expensive tuition fees. With the curriculum being identical to the one in its UK campus, students receive the equal quality of education when they study in the Malaysian campus at a local price!

11. Sunway University

Recommended for AccountingPerforming Arts.

In 2015, Sunway University launched a brand new state-of-the-art building with cutting edge academic facilities to provide a higher level of tertiary education to students. Being a household name among private universities in Malaysia, Sunway University bridges the gap between university and working life with industry-equipped graduates and partnership with prestigious institutions such as Harvard University’s Asia Leadership Trek.

12. Swinburne University Sarawak

Recommended for Business & Engineering.

This Australian-origin university set up its Kuching campus in 2000. Swinburne University Sarawak prides itself for affordable Australian degree, strategic campus location, 100% employability rate, and oversea study options.

13. Taylor's University 

Recommended for ArchitectureHospitalityEngineering.

With a global network of over 3,000 industry and education partners, Taylorians are known to be pro-active and industry-ready leaders with its cohesive curriculum and innovative teaching and learning experiences. We all know that it is crucial for us to secure a job after graduation and this is what makes Taylor's University one of the best private universities in Malaysia. Over 97% of graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation due to its good industry network and career partnership with Accenture, BMW, Leo Burnett etc.

14. UCSI University


Recommended for Architecture & Pharmacy.

UCSI University is one of the private institutions in Malaysia equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak. Students looking to study architecture can consider this university as it helps students develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to do well in the architecture field.

15. University Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Recommended for EngineeringPsychology & Economics.

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus brings its over-a-century worth of experience to Malaysian students in 2000 and now, it is truly one of Malaysia's best private foreign branch universities. UNMC graduates are educated and nurtured into proactive individuals with the “Nottingham Advantage” – standing out in employability, soft skills, recognition and industrial experience. Additionally, the Psychology curriculum here is fully research-led and fully accredited by the British Psychological Society.