How do you choose what course to study after your SPM / IGCSE? Especially when you have just finished your high school - how do you determine the most suitable programme for you with the various choices of pre-university programmes around you? That is the question that you will be asking yourself when you choose what and where to study.

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Choosing Your Course

Deciding on the right course matters to students because it determines the course options available to you when you continue on to your degree programmes. Besides, tertiary education is usually a costly affair with an annual fee at 5 digits.

So how do you decide on what course to enrol in after your SPM / IGCSE?

You need to ask yourself this question: "Do you your career path or what you like doing?" If you are sure, then you can narrow down in to a very specific pre-university course. But if you are not sure or would like to keep your options open, there are pre-university programmes that are general in nature that will keep your degree options open.

Now, you will need to decide whether are you looking to complete your tertiary education locally or are you looking to further your studies overseas? This is important because you do not want to enrol in programmes which are not recognized by the universities in the country of your choice.

Choosing A University

Choosing a university is as important as choosing a course because you do not want to enrol in a university that focuses only on the tuition fees that you are paying them.

So what are some of the common factors should you consider?

  1. Quality of Education - This can be easily determined by the achievements the students have made and how widely accepted are the students in the working world.
  2. Course Fee and Scholarship - Go with a university that your financial budget allows (after taking into considerations the scholarships).
  3. Campus Location - If it is near to your house, you can save on accommodation. Otherwise, room rental should be in the list of things that you will need to consider besides transportation and cost for a meal nearby.
  4. Campus Environment - A university that helps both academic and personal growth of a student is the university that you should go to (research on the facilities, and clubs and societies).

And now, you should have a better idea of what and where do you want to study after your SPM / IGCSE.

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