Sri Emas International School is home to the Zelts - the #1 cheerleading team of 2017, the crew behind the multi-award winning Student Directed Festival (SDF), and the runner-up at the INTI University College's National Science Challenge 2017. These three impressive feats in different arenas of sports, arts, and science is a testament to the school’s commitment to educating young minds to be all-rounded functioning adults.


Sri Emas International School has been a staple in Petaling Jaya landscape for 5 years now. It is located behind the Fire Fighter building on the left of the Federal Highway when you drive towards Petaling Jaya / Kuala Lumpur. Sri Emas International School is a sister-school to Malaysia’s 1st Entrepreneurial School, Dwi Emas International School.


Here's what makes Sri Emas International School in Petaling Jaya one of the best international schools in Malaysia.

Firm Stance on Bullying

Sri Emas takes a firm stance on bullying. While it is ultimately a punishable-by-expulsion offense, the school is committed to working together with students who may have exhibited socially unacceptable behaviours. Although proven cases of harassment, such as cyber bullying, will result in an immediate withdrawal, helping students to correct such behaviour rather than expelling them right off is Sri Emas’ way of operating. That’s essentially what education here is all about. It also helps that the school does not have class rankings so there is an even mix of students and different learning styles in all classes. In times where bullying seems to be a nationwide endemic in schools, Sri Emas International School is the safe space to be in.

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

One of the ways the school keeps itself in such an encouraging atmosphere is by placing importance on personal, emotional and social development. Every student is required to join the annual week-long SEEDS Camp, which is run by specialist youth trainers from the USA. By tackling confidence, peer pressure, giving & receiving feedback, and communication, students are empowered to take charge of their own wellbeing and learning.

Experiential Learning

A student population that is fully engaged to learn allows teachers and the school to use creative learning techniques. This includes, but not limited to, drama, role playing games, and field trips. These ensure theoretical and applicable knowledge is practiced. It is not uncommon to see students performing dramas in corridors to learn History, or shooting basketballs in order to learn Physics. More importantly, allowing them to be hands-on with their learning appeals to their long-term memory retention.

Global Recognitions

The school’s untraditional methods of delivering education have gained global recognitions. It was listed under Cambridge Strategies’ 2017 Innovation 800 publication as the “Best Practice Pioneer” in Education It has also been featured by Cambridge University Student Union for four years in a row. The school’s self-developed Chemistry role-playing game, ChemCaper Act I: Petticles in Peril, has also won multiple awards including “Best of e-Learning” at APICTA Taipei 2016 out of 17 participating countries. Group CEO, Anne Tham, spoke at TEDxKL 2016, and we thought her keynote title spoke volumes about their unique approach to education: “How to be a Better Student by Playing Computer Games”.

Happy Students

One thing that truly stands out in Sri Emas International School is just how happy the students are to be there. Just like its sister school, Dwi Emas International School, their own style of education shares the same principles as the Finnish education where they put play and the students’ wellbeing first. Happy faces aren’t just something you see on the brochure. It’s a very welcoming environment and one we wish we could have experienced in our own schooling days.

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