Do you watch MasterChef Junior and cry a little at how amazing their dishes are wishing you were half as good? Do you silently judge your friends when they ask you to eat at overpriced cafes when you could cook at home so much better? Do you just really want to cook (even if don’t know how!)?

If you can relate, you should consider studying CULINARY ARTS! 

What is Culinary Arts?

Culinary Arts encompasses preparation, cooking and presentation of food. Culinary Arts is closely related to Pastry and Baking, however most people choose either cuisine or pastry, as they require different skills. People who study culinary arts often work as chefs, kitchen managers, and bartenders/mixologists.

Do you really need a Diploma?

Short answer? Yes

Long answer? Yes, because culinary arts is the science of precision to create art. You must learn the different ways of cutting, the techniques of plating (basically, how to present food on a plate so that your customers will want to Instagram it), nutrition, food safety, and much more. Colleges will allow you to learn these skills quickly and from knowledgable sources. 

A degree is unnecessary, unless you plan to teach or would like additional electives like running a business or franchise, as work experience is more important after a diploma.

How long will it take to study? 

A diploma at top institutes that specializes in culinary and pastry like Le Cordon Bleu will take about 9 months. A diploma at other institutions will take about 2.5 years, with internship.

Where should you study Culinary Arts?






Le Cordon Bleu


Taylor's University


Diploma in Culinary Arts

Fees (2017)

RM 88,800

RM 48,444

RM 53,175


9 months

2 years

2 years


Sunway, Selangor

Glenmarie, Selangor

Subang, Selangor

For you if you:

  • want to work at the best restaurants in the world
  • want to master French cuisine
  • want to graduate quickly
  • want a small class 
  • love experimenting in KDU’s 10 different specialty kitchens 
  • want a specialized module on cured meats
  • interested in Molecular Cuisine
  • want dual certification from Taylor's and Le Greta Toulouse, France
  • looking for Asian and French cuisine
  • want to progress to Culinology®, Patisserie, or Food Management


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Cuisine: Diplôme de Commis Cuisinier at Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu focuses on French cuisine, and is one of the world’s best culinary schools with campuses in Malaysia, France, Korea, Australia, and UK. Graduates finish in just 8 months and are employed to Michelin star restaurants and top hotels.

Pastry: Diplôme de Commis Pâtissier at Le Cordon Bleu

If you want to be a pastry chef, working on all manner of breads and desserts, then this specialized course will teach you all the techniques. In just 8 months, graduates of Le Cordon Bleu go into the industry highly skilled, employed all around the world. 

Nutrition & Food Research & Development: Bachelor of Food & Science Nutrition at Taylor’s University

You will need a basis in biology and chemistry, as this is 60% science and 40% nutrition.

The good news about the food industry is that 100% of all 7.2 billion people on the planet need to eat. The ability to prepare great tasting and nutritious food guarantees you a career as long as there are humans on earth. Famous people in this industry are Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart, Julia Child, Chef Wan, and many more. Aside from cooking, these people also become writers, teachers, and TV personalities using their culinary skills.