Greetings future business leaders! What do Steve Jobs from Apple Inc., Jeff Bezos from Amazon and the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma have in common? They are all successful businessmen.

Do you aspire to become like them and join the ranks of other successful business moguls in the world? If you are searching for the best ways to achieve a successful business career, Swinburne University Malaysia might just be your best choice. We have compiled not one, but 7 reasons to convince you why it might be the best business school in Malaysia!

1. Ranked in the Top 3% of universities worldwide

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In today’s global competitive market, having an education background from a well-established university can be that stepping stone you need to get that dream job of yours. Hence, Swinburne University has strived to make a big mark in the education industry by achieving impressive rankings in a number of international academic ranking lists since the institution was founded in 1908.

One of the recent achievements by the university includes being recognised by the 2016 Times Higher Education as one of the Top 100 Universities under the age of 50 for the second consecutive year. The university had also previously ranked in similar standing but in prestigious academic listing such as the 2015 QS World University Rankings Under 50. Besides that, Swinburne University is ranked among of the top 3% of universities in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

All these amazing rankings just come to show the university’s level of expertise, in terms of teaching and research, despite it being a fairly new academic institution as well as their determination to become the best asset for your future outcome.

2. 100% employability by industry giants


Swinburne University prides itself for having high employability rate among the other top universities in the world. This is greatly supported by their latest graduate tracer study, in which 100% of their graduates from selected Business courses have either found employment with major organisation in the relevant industry within six months after they have completed their studies or have decided to pursue their postgraduate studies.

This impressive rating has led the them to be featured in a world-class index known as 2016 QS Graduate Employability Rankings. This recognition clearly shows that Swinburne University Malaysia graduates have the broad range of practical skills and useful qualities that employers seek which enable them to succeed in the working world.

Moreover, the excellent employment record also reflects highly on the success of the business courses that are tailored for ideal growth while simultaneously prepare their business graduates for the rapid changes of the corporate world and its challenges.

3. Only MYR 68,000 for an Australian Business Degree!

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Although Swinburne University Malaysia is an internationally recognised university that has a number of awards and achievements, you will be delighted to know that the education fees offered at the university are a fraction cheaper compared to the cost of studying in Australia.

Take the business courses for example. The cost of studying Foundation in Business in the university is about RM15,570, which is lower than RM25,000, the average cost of Business Foundation programmes at other similar universities located in Klang Valley.

For their business degrees, the total costs are approximately RM68,000, which is cheaper than the average total fees of studying a business degree (RM75,000) at other private institutions located in Klang Valley.

If you are interested in going into a business pathway, it is highly recommended for you to enrol into Swinburne University Malaysia due to the cost-saving nature of the fees. The university will not only offer merit-based scholarships worth up to RM12,000 but you will also get a certificate from Swinburne University upon completion, even if you have completed your three-year study in Malaysia.


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4. Spend 1/2 year in South Korea for free!

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Swinburne University Malaysia offers their undergraduates a unique opportunity to see the world and experience studying abroad through their Student Exchange Program.

As South Korea is the location of one of their affiliated partners, they are currently offering students the chance to become exchange students and spend half a year in the country without any charges! All you need to take care of is the cost of the flight tickets. Besides improving interpersonal and communication skills, you will also be exposed to Asian-based perspectives, Korean languages as well as cross-culture understanding throughout your participation in this programme.

If the country is not within your preferences, they also have the option to complete one semester in Australia at one of the Melbourne campuses, or with another of their partner university in Germany. All these options are offered to students as long as they fulfil the programme's requirements.

5. Make friends from over 60 countries

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Swinburne University has a strong belief that people no matter their status and background, should be given similar opportunities to a high quality education. Thus, they allow students from different countries to join the university.

With a population of over 4,000 students and qualified lecturers from over 60 countries across various continents, the university was awarded with an outstanding international outlook of 84.8 by the Times Higher Education, who acknowledged the university for its diverse students populations and international staffs.

This multinational and multicultural aspect of the university makes a more colourful and vibrant learning experience when you enrol with the university. This is because as a Swinburne University student, you will get to knows students from a wide range of nationalities, each having their own unique perspectives and views that will broaden your own outlooks about the world. This will be very useful after you graduate and go into the rapidly changing and internationalised business world.

6. 12 weeks of professional business training

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Work-integrated learning at Swinburne University consists of a customised programme that enhances student's academic and proffessional qualifications that prepares you for your future dream job.

From being placed in Professional Placements and Internships, and participating in Industry Study Tours to solving Industry-linked Projects, all these programmes are organised to extend your learning experience beyond the classroom and prepare you for the competitive job market.

As a business student in Swinburne University Malaysia, you will have to undergo a final year project known as Capstone and 12 weeks of vocational industry practice under a unit called Careers in Curriculum which you are required to complete in order to graduate.

Throughout these two programmes, you will learn world-relevant courses alongside a team of talented individuals and academically qualified lecturers (Masters holders) with a background in business-related fields, as well as interacting with business experts that will aid you in expanding your professional contacts and improve your career opportunities even before you graduate.

7. Ideal campus location


When it comes to deciding the best universities to study, campus location is one of the criterias that plays a role in a student's decision. This is because you would want to study in a conducive environment that will maximise your growth and potential as a student.

While some students choose universities that are located in city centres so that they can enjoy the benefits of the city lifestyles, some prefer the sub-urban areas where there are less distractions for their studies. Swinburne University Malaysia has the best of both worlds as it is located in Kuching, one of the most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia while the campus is also surrounded with green natural spaces and a short drive away from beautiful beaches and tropical rainforests.

Majority of the city’s highlights such as The Spring and Vivacity Megamall, two of the biggest shopping malls in the city as well as other tourist’s hotspots like the Sarawak Museum, Cat Museum and Brooke Memorial can be easily reached as they are all within walking distance to one another. Public transports are also available at low fares throughout the city so you can be sure to go to your desired places with no hassle at all.

The city also offers you quite a number of entertainments from spending a full day at the beach to filling your cravings with the abundance of bars, restaurants and cafes that serves numerous types of cuisines. You can also join the Rainforest World Music Festival that are open every year for music lovers to enjoy and see performers from around the world unite on one stage.

With all these opportunities plus Kuching being recognised by TripAdvisor for being one of the top destination on the rise, Swinburne University Malaysia has truly picked the best location for their campus!