Are you interested in the Engineering field? Do you wish to become a well-known engineer and work with globally recognised engineering firms?

Before you can do so, you will need to find the right university with the best engineering schools to ensure you an easy path towards your engineering future. Here are the Top 7 reasons why Swinburne University Malaysia is the preferred choice of engineering school.

1. Ranked as one of the Top 75 Universities in the world for Civil Engineering

civil engineering

Since it was established in 1908, Swinburne University has progressed to be one of the prominent institutions for science, technology and innovation. One of the main advantages of the university is due to their outstanding rankings in numerous prestigious academic ranking lists worldwide.

In 2016, Swinburne University was ranked in the World’s Top 100 Universities under the age of 50 by the Times Higher Education, a recognition in which the university has achieved for the second consecutive year after making a similar appearance in another university ranking, the 2015 QS World University Rankings. In addition, the university was also placed in the Top 75 by the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities for the Civil Engineering field.

Despite it’s young age, these amazing rankings reflect highly on Swinburne University's determination to deliver a high quality education in terms of research and teaching, besides becoming the best education investment for all students.

2. 100% of Swinburne University's graduates are employed by big key players


Swinburne University is well known for producing career-ready graduates that are highly sought after by many employers, which can be confirmed as the university was ranked within the Top 200 universities in the 2016 QS Graduate Employability Rankings. This world class ranking is based on the rate of employment among graduates and partnerships between universities and employers.

According to the latest statistics and tracer study by the university, 100% of Swinburne University graduates, especially from selected engineering courses, has either been employed with some of the biggest key players in the relevant industry or pursued a higher education six months after graduation.

This impressive employment record could be attributed to the university’s intensive courses which are designed to equipped its graduates with first-class education and necessary skills to handle real-life industry issues and requirements.

3. Only MYR 108,000 for an Australian Engineering Degree!

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Despite being one of top and well-established universities in the world, you may be interested to know that the education fees at Swinburne University Malaysia are a fraction of the cost of studying in Australia.

Take Swinburne University Malaysia’s Engineering courses for example. The cost of an Engineering Foundation at the university is RM15,670, which is cheaper when compared to the average cost of Engineering Foundation at various universities located in Klang Valley which is approximately RM25,000.

For the university's Engineering Degree courses, the approximated total fees are RM108,000, which is much lower than the average total costs (RM150,000) of studying an engineering degree at other private universities in Klang Valley.

If you are interested to pursue an engineering degree, it is highly recommended for you to enrol at the Swinburne University due to the affordable fees that is not offered at other local private institutions. This is good news as students will not only get an Australian degree but they also get it at a Malaysian price.


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4. Spend 1/2 year in South Korea for free!

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As globalisation is part of Swinburne University's education, the university offers undergraduates the opportunity of a lifetime to experience studying abroad through their Student Exchange Program.

One of the highlights of this program is that the university offers students the chance to spend half a year as an exchange student with their partner universities in South Korea for free of charge! You just need to take care of the fees for your own flight tickets. Through this programme, you will not only get to experience being a student in one of the most dynamic communities in the world but also get to immerse yourself with their local cultures and traditions.

If you are not keen in South Korea, you can also spend one semester at one of Swinburne University’s Melbourne Campus or assume part of their studies with another of Swinburne University’s affiliated partner in Germany.

Besides that, you also have the choice to either complete all their studies at the Kuching campus, or choose to apply for a transfer at selected Swinburne University's Melbourne campuses after successfully meeting all the appropriate criteria.

Overall, all these transfer options enable students the prospect of having an enriching Australian learning experience at local costs.

5. Build a global network of friends from more than 60 countries

global friends

One of the goals of Swinburne University is to be a well-known and highly recognised institution globally that emphasises on international focus and culture, and universal outlook.

With more than 4,000 students from more than 60 countries including from Asia, Europe and Middle East as well as comprising of a number of highly experienced academic staffs from around the world, the university has achieved their goal of having a vibrant, multicultural and colourful community.

This diverse aspect of the university environment seeks to provide students with with an extra advantage that comes from experiencing an education that integrates different understandings, perspectives and outlook of people from other countries which help to widen students' outlook within and outside the classroom aside from preparing them to be successful individuals in every dimensions of today's increasingly internationalised world.

6. 12 weeks of professional engineering training


As of 2016, Swinburne University introduces students to Work Integrated Learning, a set of programmes in which the university has devised to further enhance students' work-force experience and career development opportunities. From placing them in professional placements and internships, and encouraging students to participate in industry study trips to being involved with industry-based tasks, the programme covers all aspects that would help their students to get the job of their dreams.

As an Engineering student, you will have to undergo a compulsory unit known as Professional Experience in Engineering, which is a total of 12 weeks of professional training within the industry.

Through the programme, you will get to interact and engage directly with industry practitioners, learn in modern ways including being involved in real industry projects either with experienced lecturers who still has connections to the industry, or with industry specialists. Moreover, you will also get to broaden your professional networks which will be valuable to improve your chances of getting employed, even before you graduate.

7. Perfect campus location for learning

swinburne malaysia campus

Swinburne Univeristy Sarawak is located in Kuching, known as one of the most liveable cities in the East of Malaysia. The city is a beautiful blend of old and new, a beautiful combination of modern city life and natural environment from its easy access to nearby amenities, and beautiful beaches and rainforests.

With a population of over 700,000 people, most of the people lead a relaxed lifestyle. Majority of the the city's point of interests such as the famous Sarawak Museum, General Post Office, Cat Museum, Brooke Memorial and Main Bazaar that sells numerous souvenirs and crafts can be reached easily, either by walking or using public transportation such as taxis and buses which are available throughout the city at a reasonably low fares.

To make things more compelling, Sarawak is also reknown for being a host to one of the world's biggest events, the Rainforest World Music Festival held annually. This unique event gathers popular international musicians from the hidden parts of Borneo to different continents of the world onto the same stage. With all these interesting places and things to do, it is understandable why Kuching is awarded the 2016 Travellers Choice by TripAdvisor.