It’s Merdeka and you know what that means – no school! Besides the awesome mid-week public holiday this year, it is and has always been the month-long celebration in school where everywhere you look is the Jalur Gemilang raised high and proud. If you are and have been a student in Malaysia, here are 9 things you’d surely experience during this significant month of Merdeka:

This song

keranamu malaysia

Or every other Lagu Patriotik that exist! Like singing it twice per day in school for the whole month isn’t enough, we hear it on TV, in shopping malls, on the radio and even at public areas like the KLCC park! And although some of us get sick and tired of singing Keranamu Malaysia, we secretly love it and can’t help to sing to the words! Don’t lie, you actually love singing Jalur Gemilang and waving that flag high!

The Jalur Gemilang fashion show


Remember when we were presented a two page flag to be coloured in and folded into a nice little hat when we were kids? We do! How about that fashion show in school where the best patriotic costume wins? It’s all coming back to us now, isn’t it? To be honest, no matter how ridiculous we might have looked then, we were proud wearing our flag on our sleeves and making these masterpieces with our friends!

Everybody’s suddenly an interior designer!


What better opportunity to decorate your classroom with red, blue, yellow and white and win bragging rights from the whole school for at least a month? Hang up the bendera buntings, patriotic posters, information about our prime ministers on the billboards, stuff balls of coloured newspaper between the window fences to spell out, “Merdeka!” etc. We’ve all done it and enjoyed every minute of it!

The rise of the ‘pertandingans’


Throughout the whole month of celebration, there are a string of competitions that arise. Competitions on the best decorated classroom, the patriotic song singing competition, the most patriotic costume design competition and even, the best patriotic-dressed teacher gets an award!

That Yasmin Ahmad movie marathon


When we think about patriotism in forms of the media, Yasmin Ahmad is queen. All her films and advertisements with Petronas has not only showcased the multicultural melting pot that is Malaysia, her work has also brought Malaysians closer together. *watches Sepet right now* 

We hated drawing that star


Let’s be honest. That star was our arch nemesis.

That Parlimen roadtrip!


Okay, this can happen anytime of the year but it means so much more to visit during Merdeka month, no? For some of you, it’s the first time going out of the school compound with your classmates and teachers! The excitement is uncontainable and we totally understand.

That one karangan


Who could have forgotten about that one karangan or English essay you have to write about your experience during Independence Day or why do you love Malaysia? We all know a lot of the stuff we wrote in that essay is based on our imaginations but it takes a patriotic person to have those awesome imaginations right?

Feeling EXTRA proud being a Malaysian!


We are all proud being a Malaysian all-year-round, but we feel extra EXTRA patriotic towards our country during Merdeka! Because we know how much the country has gone through pre-independence and there’s always something about hearing Tunku Abdul Rahman cheers “Merdeka! Merdeka Merdeka!” for 7 times!

That feeling of pride. That feeling of belonging.

Happy 60th Independence Day, Malaysia!