Have you ever felt like you’ve finally found your people, once you’re in college? Well, they say the best of friends you make in life are the ones you meet in university. This is definitely no coincidence.

According to a review done by author Anna Vedel who analyzed the correlation between personality traits and college majors, it turns out that we are more predictable than we all think we are! Not only does our course reveal a little insight on our IQ levels, but it could say something about you and your personality as well!

Here’s what your course says about you!



Biology, Chemistry and Physics have always been your stronger subjects in high school, as compared to the dreaded Sejarah and the many essays you have to write in different language classes. You are clever, quick-witted and love learning about what the world is made up of. With your analytical and logical mind, your friends hate you for choosing a night in with Michio Kaku over that rave party happening in town. They don’t understand you like Michio Kaku does.



You can already picture yourself sitting in a comfy chair in your office with a pen and notebook in your hands, jotting down notes as your client tells you their darkest secrets. It’s coming true! You are fascinated by how the human brain works and how thoughts and memories can be detrimental to one’s health. You are patient, understanding and usually empathetic. However, you can’t stand it when people think you can read their minds.

Medicine / Pharmacy


You’ve made up your mind long ago that you want to be a doctor of some sorts and there’s simply nothing that can stop you from achieving that dream of yours. You’re a hard worker, over-achiever and very meticulous. Grey’s Anatomy is probably your go-to TV show but you know deep down that being a doctor is nothing like in the show!  



You’re outspoken, neurotic and appreciates a good debate, especially the ones you’re winning. Harvey Spector is your main man and nobody has the guts to say otherwise because they know they’ll lose the debate. You are learned and am always up to date on global issues, so your friends go to you to understand what Brexit was all about and how the courts in Malaysia work.



You have an analytical mind and loves building and making things with your hands. You probably would be over the moon if you have gotten LEGOS for your birthday. Despite the variety of areas you can go into, you generally excel in fixing things and finding solutions to problems. People often think engineers just fix light bulbs and electrical circuits, but they don’t understand that we design solutions. We make life easier and more liveable.    

Culinary Arts and Hospitality


You love making people happy. Be it serving up a good mean steak with some Italian wine or contributing to making somebody’s vacation stay perfect. Simply put, you're a massive people-pleaser and a massive foodie! You are dedicated, people-oriented and a dreamer. Being a hotelier or the next Gordon Ramsey is probably your ultimate dream and nobody’s going to stand in your way of achieving that. Also, you secretly think you cook better than your mom. Shhhh…

Accounting & Finance / Business Studies 


Numbers, numbers and numbers. They excite you as much as Wall Street, shares, entrpreneurship and money! You are highly analytical, solution-driven and always have a way of analyzing financial patterns and trends. When your friends have trouble deciding on where to eat for lunch, you secretly compares all the options and decides based on price, location, service and value for money. You like that you’re efficient like that *wink*



You’ve always been the one with the gift of the gab in class and storytelling has never been much of a problem for you. In addition to that, you drive on cool ideas and the thought of the many things one can do to sell a product excites you! You are usually well-rounded and the first to know about cool products due to the number of cool advertisements you watch on YouTube. You actually thought the running ostrich through Federal Highway would make a good advertisement before anyone else!  

Computer Science 


You’re likely to be a gamer. Highly strategic, analytical and fascinated by how technology works. You believe with coding, all problems can be solved. Most of the time, you’d prefer being on your computer rather than going out to that thing your friend told you about last week. Computers have always "clicked" with you and you’re constantly on the lookout for the next big app!  

Mass Communications 


Check your bag! You always have a pen and notebook with you everywhere you go. A book is probably in there as well, not a Kindle. People think you can just whip up a 2000-word essay in an hour, but they don’t know that your perfectionistic qualities take over and become the reason to your procrastination. You are sentimental, creative and a good conversationalist who loves being involved with festivals, events and a good conversation over coffee.

Architecture and Design


Flip open your textbook and you’ll find doodles and sketches in every other page! You love travelling and seeing foreign places, because new buildings and picturesque landscapes fulfil your soul. You’ve always been the best at art in class and used to sketch your classmates for a fee. Nobody understands you like Photoshop and Illustrator. You are meticulous, detail-oriented and loves just spending a day out in the city, soaking in the sights and sounds. It's difficult to understand but your art is an expression of who you are. #deep   

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