Who throws interns into the deep sea and ask them to call up random strangers, asking them about their future study plans? Well, we do. We love our interns so much that we really do. We caught up with Adele Leong, who started her internship with us since September 2015, and is now off to Australia for a well-deserved grad break.

UniDigest (UD): What has been your favourite moments in UniDigest?
Adele Leong (AD): 
This is my first job and when I first started out, I thought I was going to be working alone in boring cubicles. Thank goodness it was far from what I’ve imagined! Working together with the UniDigest team has definitely created so many best moments. Because It’s not just about working hard to achieve a common goal every day, but also the downtimes when we hangout and talk about the silliest stuff!

UD: What is the most memorable call you’ve received?
AL: So, in my department, what I do every day is I call up students who’re interested in finding out their higher tertiary education route. It was the Christmas season and upon securing an appointment, this guy (who shall not be named) I have been following up with replied me with “I will be your Christmas gift *present emoji*”, which caught me a little off guard. When I told the team, everyone was just laughing away.

UD: Least favourite moment?
I think when we don’t achieve our goal for the day, it gets a bit disappointing and frustrating. However, such is life and all we can do is move on and keep trying again.

UD: So, what did you learn during your time here at UniDigest?
More than anything else, I’ve learned to be able to not be shy and just speak up and express myself fluently. During my first week of internship, I was that shy, jittery intern who eats lunch alone and quietly does her work, nothing else. Now that my internship has ended, I feel like I’ve grown to become a more patient and confident person who embraces differences in opinions.

UD: What will you miss most about your time here in UniDigest?
AL: The UniDigest team, definitely. The fact that everyone’s a crazy workaholic (in a great way!) but at the same time, plays hard as well. You know you have become a family when it is okay to occasionally tease and good-naturedly insult each other and when you know what strategy they’ll be playing in a game of Politiko.

UD: Advice you’d pass on to the next intern?
There’ll be something different for you to learn every single day. Be it about work or even about yourself.

UD: If you could impersonate one of the UD team director’s quirks/habits, who would it be, what would it be and how would you do it?
As much as it annoys me, I wouldn’t mind the mild (debatable) level of OCD of Vincent and Kavidha to rub off on me. At least then, Vincent won’t tell me off about my table being always messy.

UD: Give us a question you want the next intern to answer.
If the UniDigest team was stranded on an island and the escape boat can only fit two people, who would you bring with you and why?

Interested in interning with us?

Do email our jedi master Vincent, at vincent@unidigest.com. It will be an extensive 3-month internship that allows you to experience the whole cycle of a startup; picking up valuable skills from telemarketing, product development and how to win at Politiko, that will make you a highly coveted jedi individual. Don’t worry, we have a coffee machine to make the coffee.