Degree in early childhood education in Malaysia is a 3-year undergraduate programme that lays the groundwork for future educators. It involves the studies of all the developing needs, both mental and physical health, of children from the ages of birth to the middle school stage.

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Course Name & University
HELP University

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons)

  • HELP University
  • Kuala Lumpur
Intakes: Jan, May, Aug
Duration: 3 years

Complete Guide to Early Childhood Education Degree in Malaysia

Early Childhood Education in Malaysia is a 3 year degree course.

It is a study into a child’s first 5 years of development, from body’s movements to brain strength. It studies the best way to instruct and care for children and is both a  ]challenging and rewarding experience.

Fields of Early Childhood Education

A degree in early childhood education comprises of 4 key fields, which are:

Physical Development Exercises, games and other classroom activities to help a child stay active. On top of that, students will also learn about the fundamentals of child health care, safety and nutrition knowledge.
Language Skills The subjects that cover this aspect provide the appropriate teaching methods required for different languages, primarily Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese.
Social and Emotional Development The subjects include moral and ethical lessons, storytelling and role playing practices. It also teaches on community building and social etiquette. 
Cognitive Skills Students will acquire the fundamental skills to help form a child’s learning and thinking capability through both academic and practical lessons.


How is an Early Childhood Education Degree structured in Malaysia?

The 3 year degree adheres to the guidelines of Malaysia Early Childhood Care and Education and allows for specialization in the 0 - 4 years age group or the one from 4 to 6 years.


What will you study in Degree in Early Childhood Education in Malaysia?

A career in education requires not only the mastery of a given subject but also a great understanding of children’s behaviours. A degree in early childhood education includes all of the necessary teaching approaches as well as the psychological knowledge that a student needs to become a teacher. This 3-year course typically involves the following subjects:

  • Understanding Children Development
  • Young Children's Literature
  • Young Children's Art and Craft
  • Young Children's Science and Mathematics
  • Language Literacy
  • Nursery
  • Communication Skill

On top of the core subjects in the children development field, this programme also caters to the needs of teaching techniques for children with specialities and/or disabilities as well as gifted talents.

Why should you study Degree in Early Childhood Education in Malaysia?

Education remains one of the core pillars in economic development. Teaching equipment as well as syllabus are constantly improved to provide the best learning environment. 

  • Working with children from different backgrounds.
  • Rewarding and noble profession.

Is an Early Childhood Education Degree your ideal choice?

This degree is definitely for you if...

  • You love children and they are happy to be around you too.
  • You aspire to become a teacher knowing that education is the most important factor in children development.
  • You never stop learning and you enjoy passing on valuable knowledge to others.

This degree might be for you if...

  • You enjoy organising kids games and learning activities.
  • You have excellent communication skills and awesome creativity.
  • You want to be the inspiration for young children to learn from.

This degree might not be for you if...

  • You cannot handle a crying baby.
  • You prefer teaching young adults to kids.

This degree is definitely not for you if...

  • You dislike being surrounded by children the whole day.


Career options with a Degree in Early Childhood Education in Malaysia

Graduates from the early childhood education programme can quickly find a career placement in kindergarten or middle schools. With enough experiences, one can also pursue a management role in the education industry.

Some of the career prospects for fresh graduates include:

  • Early Childhood Care and Education Curriculum Developer
  • Teacher
  • Educational Consultant

Entry requirements for this early childhood education programme

A Level: Minimum 2 passes