Pharmacy is the science of creating, preparing and dispensing drugs in the most effective and safe way for prescribed consumption. It is a healthcare profession that involves the knowledge of chemical and health sciences. Degree in pharmacy in Malaysia is a 4-year programme that put emphasis on academic knowledge and hands-on training. If you want to cure diseases and are interested in the creation of medicinal drugs and their applications on human health, then this course is for you.

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Course Name & University
Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

  • Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)
  • Selangor
Intakes: Aug
Duration: 4 years
Monash University Malaysia

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

  • Monash University Malaysia
  • Selangor
Intakes: Feb
Duration: 4 years
MAHSA University

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

  • MAHSA University
  • Kuala Lumpur
Intakes: Sep
Duration: 4 years
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

MPharm Pharmacy

  • University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
  • Selangor
Intakes: Sep
Duration: 4 years

Complete Guide to Pharmacy Degree in Malaysia

Pharmacy is the science and practice of preparing and dispensing drugs for medical purposes. It is a healthcare profession that requires expertise in chemistry. Pharmacists are experts in drugs information, safety and therapy. B

Fields of Pharmacy 

Academic Pharmacy Training pharmacists and conducting research in an academic setting which includes running laboratory experiments and evaluating scientific data before sharing  through journal publications, public speaking and education.
Ambulatory Care  Mobile pharmacists that visit patients in inaccessible areas or are based where patients can visit for personalized disease management.
Community Pharmacy  Responsible for controlled dispensing of drugs to a specific community through retail or over-the-counter.
Compounding Pharmacy  Creates new drug forms or mixes more than one drugs together for more effective personalized medication purposes.
Hospital / Clinical Pharmacy  Works in collaboration with medical doctors, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in a hospital or clinical setting to provide personalized medication for the patients.
Nuclear Pharmacy  Prepares radioactive materials to be used for diagnosis, therapy, treatment and/or prevention of diseases.
Specialty Pharmacy  Distributes high cost specialty drugs to treat long-term diseases such as cancer, HIV, Hepatitis C, arthritis and others. Specialty pharmacists focus on distributing these drugs at the lowest cost for the patient while maximizing insurance reimbursements. Hence, they are required to have the knowledge in disease treatment, healthcare, risk management and business negotiations.
Veterinary Pharmacy  a.k.a. Animal Pharmacy concerns with the pharmaceutical needs of animals. Due to the difference in needs between humans and animals, this field is often separated from regular pharmacy.


How is a Degree in Pharmacy structured in Malaysia?

How long is the duration of this course?

A Degree in Pharmacy in Malaysia takes 4 years. Students are then required to go through 2 years of Housemanship at hospitals or clinics recognised by the Pharmacy Board Malaysia. Students will also need to take the Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination before they can be Fully Registered Pharmacists (FRP).

What will you study in Degree in Pharmacy in Malaysia?

The degree in pharmacy focuses heavily on chemistry and health sciences.

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Physical & Organic Chemistry
  • Drug Discovery
  • Immunology
  • Medical Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology


Why should you study Degree in Pharmacy in Malaysia?

  • In-demand jobs: The ratio of pharmacists to population is 1:2500 in Malaysia. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a ratio of 1:2000. Hence there is a demand for pharmacists.
  • Competitive salary: Those with a degree in pharmacy in Malaysia can look forward to a good monthly income. Fresh graduates make about RM3,500 a month and significantly more the more experienced they are.
  • Be part of pharmaceutical innovations: Most universities that offer a degree in pharmacy in Malaysia also conduct pharmacy research. Organizations like the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) and Malaysia Academy of Pharmacy (MAP) are also advancing the potential of new pharmaceutical research in Malaysia. 


A Pharmacy Degree is ideal for you if…

  • You enjoy medicine and the medical world but do not want to be a doctor
  • You like the pristine hospital / clinical setting 
  • You absolutely love the subject of Chemistry


Career options with a Degree in Pharmacy in Malaysia

After being a Fully Registered Pharmacist (FRP), you can opt for the following careers:

  • Hospital / Clinical Pharmacist
  • Industrial Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical Researcher
  • Pharmacologist
  • Retail Pharmacist
  • Toxicologist
  • Veterinary Pharmacist

Entry requirements for this programme

A Level: Minimum 3 B’s including Chemistry 


SPM / O Level: 5Bs including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and preferably English