Psychology is a discipline that lies between science and arts. It combines the studies of medicine, biology, linguistics, history and sociology. With the rise of students’ interests in the course, more universities are now offering the degree in psychology in Malaysia. If you are interested to study the human mind and behavior, and apply the knowledge in daily life, then this course would be suitable for you.

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Course Name & University
Monash University Malaysia

Bachelor of Psychological Science

  • Monash University Malaysia
  • Selangor
Intakes: Feb, Jul, Oct
Duration: 3 years
Monash University Malaysia

Bachelor of Psychological Science & Business

  • Monash University Malaysia
  • Selangor
Intakes: Feb, Jul, Oct
Duration: 3 years
Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

  • Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)
  • Selangor
Intakes: Feb, May, Sep
Duration: 3 years
HELP University

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

  • HELP University
  • Kuala Lumpur
Intakes: Jan, May, Aug
Duration: 3 years
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

BSc Psychology

  • University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
  • Selangor
Intakes: Sep
Duration: 3 years

Complete Guide to Psychology Degree in Malaysia

degree in psychology 101

Psychology is the study of the human mental functions and social behavior. It aims to understand the thoughts, feelings and actions of individuals and groups using established principles and theories as well as scientific research methods such as statistics.

The knowledge of psychology can then be applied to all aspects of human life such as mental issues, self-improvement, career development, entertainment, healthy lifestyle choices and more. Getting a degree in psychology in Malaysia can guarantee you a diverse career options be it in science, clinical research or other relevant sectors.

Fields of Psychology

Biological Psychology Also known as Behavioral Neuroscience which aims to understand the physiological, genetics and development of behavior in humans.
Clinical Psychology Assesses and treats psychological disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.
Counselling Psychology Facilitates individuals within their lifespan such as in career development and health consultation.
Developmental Psychology Studies aspect of human development from infant to adulthood such as languages, motor skills and personalities.
Educational Psychology Understands the human learning process and enhance educational activities.
Forensic / Law Psychology Researches on crimes, legal principles and criminal behaviors to facilitate the justice system.
Social Psychology Understands the thought, feeling and behavior of individuals and how they are influenced by the presence of other human beings.


How is a Psychology Degree structured in Malaysia?

How long is the duration of this course?

Psychology degree will usually take 3 years. However, a degree in psychology equips you with the knowledge of psychology to be applied to other fields such as Human Resources, Business and Advertising. To be a Psychologist, you need to specialize in a field of psychology (see above) which means obtaining a Master and/or Doctorate (PhD) degrees. This will take an additional 2 to 3 years.

What will you study in Degree in Psychology in Malaysia?

You will learn the basics of psychology and its fundamental principles, providing you with an in-depth knowledge of psychological theories and research methods. Modules include:

  • Biological Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Statistics
  • Linguistics
  • Cross-cultural Psychology
  • Ethics in Psychology

The application of psychology in daily life will also be emphasized during the degree such as in Human Resource, Media and Business. Later on, you will be able to choose an area of specialization which consists of the different fields of psychology. This will also affect your choices if you decide to further your studies to Master and/or Doctorate (PhD) levels.

Why should you study a Degree in Psychology in Malaysia?

  • In-demand jobs: There is a demand for more psychiatrists and psychologists in hospitals and clinics in Malaysia. Even the Ministry of Health (MOH) shows concern in the lack of psychologists within the nation. Furthermore, the psychology expertise is much needed in many companies such as for human resource, counselling, development and education.
  • Competitive salary: In Malaysia, a clinical psychologist and a child psychologist make an average of RM58,900 and RM42,000 a year respectively. More specialized position like psychiatrist makes RM240,000 a year.
  • Pursue a career in research: Most universities in Malaysia that offer psychology degrees also conduct psychological researches. This provides ample opportunities for those who are interested in a research career and want to contribute to science and medicine.
  • Wide career options: Knowledge in psychology is useful in many fields such as Human Resources, Education, Media, Marketing, Business and Advertising.

Is a Psychology Degree your ideal choice?

degree in psychology definitely yes

This degree is definitely for you if…

  • You are fascinated by the functions of the human mind and behavior, and in understanding them so that you are able to help those with psychological disorder to lead a normal life.
  • You enjoy meeting new people and helping those from different backgrounds facing different problems every day.
  • You want to pursue a career in research and further your study to Master and Doctorate (PhD) levels and contribute to the advancement of psychological sciences & medicine.

degree in psychology maybe yes

This degree might be for you if…

  • You want to understand the human emotions, actions and thoughts and apply the knowledge to influence people in business or help people lead a better lifestyle.
  • You prefer to have wide career options and be able to work in any field or company.
  • You are fascinated to learn both arts and sciences and use this multi-discipline to improve the life of those around you.

degree in psychology maybe not

This degree might not be for you if…

  • You don’t like to meet different types of people every day. This is because a part of being a psychologist is to understand people and help improve their life.
  • You don’t enjoy doing research. Psychology degree is a research-heavy course where you have to learn about past researches and do your own research to fully understand the mind and behaviour.
  • You want a more practical work rather than theories. You will spend most of the time understanding certain theories in psychology and applying the established principles in real life events.

degree in psychology definitely not

This degree is certainly not for you if…

  • You don’t like to work with numbers. This is because majority of psychology works are based on research. Surveys, statistics and mathematics will be the main parts of the study.
  • You are looking for a single-disciplined career. Psychology aims to understand the mind, behaviour, languages, personality, history and sociology of humanity. This encompasses the studies of both arts and sciences.

Career options with a Degree in Psychology in Malaysia

There are many different types of jobs directly related to psychology. However, some positions might require you to further your studies to Master and/or Doctorate (PhD) levels.

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Therapist
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Psychiatric Assistant
  • Social Worker

A degree in psychology provides you with a wide range of careers. The following are sectors that require the psychology expertise.

  • Human Resource
  • Career/Educational Counselling
  • Business Development
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Marketing & Advertising

Entry requirements for this programme

A Level: Minimum 2 C’s in either arts or science subjects (entry requirements may differ between universities)

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