Diploma in Business & Management courses in Malaysia are pre-university courses that focus on syllabus and subjects related to business, management and/or entrepreneurship. Popular Business & Management Diploma courses in Malaysia include Diploma in Business ManagementDiploma in Business AdministrationDiploma in Human Resource Management and Diploma in Marketing.

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Course Name & University
HELP University

Diploma in Business

  • HELP University
  • Kuala Lumpur
Intakes: Jan, Mar, May, Aug, Oct
Duration: 2 years
Taylor's University

Diploma in Business

  • Taylor's University
  • Selangor
Intakes: Mar, Aug
Duration: 2 years
KDU University College

Diploma in Business Administration

  • KDU University College
  • Selangor
Intakes: Jan, Mar, Sep
Duration: 2 years
Asia Pacific University (APU)

Diploma in Business Administration

  • Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • Kuala Lumpur
Intakes: Apr, May, Sep
Duration: 2 years
UCSI University

Diploma in Management

  • UCSI University
  • Kuala Lumpur
Intakes: Jan, May, Sep
Duration: 2 years

Complete Guide to Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia

Diploma in Business & Management is a pre-university programme that prepares students with the understanding and experience to enter this field. Head on below to read a list of frequently asked questions! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia

Who is the programme suited for?

Diploma programmes, in general, is a course that is suitable for those who are looking at graduating fast or those who want in-depth teachings of a syllabus. Students who see their futures in Business & Management will benefit from this course. The following characteristics best describe those who fit into this programme:

  • Passionate about running business
  • Possess leadership skills and can deal well with people
  • Are assertive and dare to speak up
  • Are practical in their life choices
  • Want a general (non-technical) programme to start off with

What are the requirements to enter this programme?    

Only students who score at least 3 C’s in their SPM or O-Level are eligible to join this programme. The benchmark for UEC students is higher and the minimum requirements are set on 2 B’s.

Who sets the exam questions and who marks the papers?

The educational institution that provides the diploma will be the one in charge of setting and marking the exam questions. Rest assured that diploma courses are overseen by MQA, ensuring the quality of the programme is never compromised. 

What is the exam structure and grading system like?

For Diploma in Business & Management, the examination will usually be a written examination at the end of every semester. Besides, the written test, students can expect to be graded on their assignments which will be in the form of case studies, group presentations, and oral presentations.  

What are the kind of Subjects you can take?

As a diploma course easily takes up around 2 years, students will go through numerous semesters and are expected to take at least 4 subjects per semester. The types of subjects offered in Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia are Marketing, Business, Information Technology, Accounting, and Management. 

Which university recognizes Diploma in Business & Management

Not all universities in Malaysia recognize a diploma holder if he / she comes from a different university and is looking at continuing his/her degree in the new university. Recognition of a diploma by the new university depends on whether the diploma syllabus taught is aligned with the learning modules of the new university. The university that offers the diploma will recognize their students and it will be easier for diploma graduates there to proceed into degree at the same university. If students are looking at studying abroad in the future, it is better to take an international pre-university course instead of diploma or foundation programmes.

How established is Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia?

Diploma in Business & Management is a very established course in Malaysia. Older universities have been offering it for more than twenty years and have created many respectable alumni in this field. All in all, this Diploma course is a programme that has been tried and tested in Malaysia. 

What are the advantages of taking this program?

  • Will be able to start their working life after programme completion as some jobs only require diploma as minimum requirement
  • Builds a sturdy foundation for students as it covers a wide range and in-depth teachings of the Business & Management syllabus

What are the disadvantages of taking this course?

  • Generally not recognized by universities located abroad
  • A longer time needed for completion unlike other pre-university programmes

What's the price range of Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia?

It will cost students around RM16,454 to RM46,550 to study the Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia.

When are the intakes in Malaysia?

January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Can you recommend me where to go to study Diploma in Business & Management in Malaysia?

We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to education. It is best for you to compare the available courses on UniDigest and decide on which suits you best. We will be here to support you, advice you, and answer your enquiries, after we receive your online application.

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