Hotel management is the study of the hospitality industry, particularly in the management of lodging establishments such as hotels, motels and resorts. Also known as tourism management, it also covers the management of restaurants, cruise ships, convention centers, amusement parks and clubs. A diploma in hotel management in Malaysia takes 2 to 3 years. The course provides all the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to be in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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Course Name & University
Taylor's University

Diploma in Hotel Management

  • Taylor's University
  • Selangor
Intakes: Jan, Mar, Aug
Duration: 2 years
UCSI University

Diploma in Hotel Management

  • UCSI University
  • Kuala Lumpur Sarawak
Intakes: Jan, May, Sep
Duration: 2 years
KDU University College

Diploma in International Hotel Management

  • KDU University College
  • Selangor
Intakes: Jan, Mar, May, Sep
Duration: 2 years

Complete Guide to Diploma in Hotel Management in Malaysia

diploma in hotel management 101

Hotel management is the study of the hospitality and tourism industry. It involves the operation of hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships and other lodging establishments by providing the best services to ensure the guests’ satisfaction. This is achieved by an efficient coordination of a group of people to accomplish goals and objectives by using the available resources effectively.

Management is an academic discipline within the social sciences. Its objective is to study and master the concept of organization. A hotel manager needs to have the skills in planning, organizing, staffing and directing. Staff delegating, human resourcing and financial planning are also essential. 

A diploma in hotel management in Malaysia will provide you with the basic knowledge and practical skills needed to manage a hotel. You will also gain hands-on training and exposure by working in an international and world-class setting. Students can also choose a field in hotel management that they are interested to specialize in.

Fields in Hotel Management 

Food & Beverage Management F&B managers work within catering companies, hotels and restaurants to oversee that all operations are running smoothly. This includes the food and beverage supplies, human resource, customer service, financial transaction and stocks.
Human Resource Management HR managers are responsible for the wellbeing, training and sourcing of employees. This includes handling their paychecks, planning staff benefits, insurance and conflict resolution.
Lodging Management Lodging managers are responsible to manage the operations of hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships and other establishments that provide lodging for guests. This is considered as the main goal for people who study hotel management diploma.
Tourism Management Responsible for customers’ travel plans by providing them the best trips, booking services, entertainment, safety, budget planning and the best sale deals.


How is Hotel Management structured?

How long is the duration of a Hotel Management diploma?

A diploma in hotel management in Malaysia usually takes 2 years to complete. Depending on the university, however, some courses may take up to 3 years to finish including training and internship semester.

What will you study in a Hotel Management Diploma?

A hotel management diploma is designed to equip students with not only knowledge but also leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students will also be thought aspects of accounting, marketing and sales. Due to the fact that the career in hotel management will require people skills, communication is also emphasized during the course. The following are some examples of the subjects in hotel management:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Communications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Management
  • F&B Production
  • Housekeeping
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management & Leadership Skills
  • Nutrition & Food Science
  • Public Relations
  • Travel Management

During the final semester, depending on the university, students will undergo an attachment training with a hotel or resort establishment. This is to ensure a smooth transition from academic to career by giving the students hands-on experience and exposure.


Why should you study a Diploma in Hotel Management in Malaysia?

  • Booming industry: The hospitality and tourism industry is greatly expanding and developing in Malaysia. With the increase of cheap flights and transportations, Malaysia is expected to play host to more international tourists as well as Malaysian travelers who travel domestically. Because of this, those with hotel management expertise will be needed to fill in the vacancies as the industry is growing. Students of diploma in hotel management in Malaysia can look forward to a growing amount of job opportunities in the coming years.
  • World class facilities: Universities that offer a hotel management diploma are often equipped with the best facilities for housekeeping training with some universities having their own boutique hotels for students to train in. Students will also have an option to be attached with established hotels around Malaysia to get their training or for internship. Being in an international setting and experiencing world class facility is enough reason to study a diploma in hotel management in Malaysia. 
  • Competitive salary: You can secure some of the higher paying positions with a diploma in hotel management in Malaysia. A hotel executive typically make RM4000 a month, whereas a hotel manager makes up to RM6000 a month. Senior manager or hotel director makes up to RM12,000 a month.


Is a Hotel Management Diploma your ideal choice?

diploma in hotel management definitely yes

This diploma is definitely for you if…

  • You are passionate about the hospitality and tourism industry. The thought of traveling to other countries and learning different cultures excites you. You also love making other people happy. You want to serve guests and make their stay and experience a memorable one.
  • You want to work in an international setting. Being in the hospitality and tourism industry, you will be constantly exposed to diversity. You will meet people from different countries and speaking different language. Not only will your guests be international, but also your colleagues, superiors and subordinates. You goal in life is to provide comfort for the guests while understanding their cultures and needs.
  • You have leadership skills and you dream to lead an organization. By nature, a hotel management diploma aims to groom and prepare students to become the next hotel manager to take up the leadership role at an establishment. If you think you have what it takes, then this diploma is for you.

diploma in hotel management maybe yes

This diploma might be for you if…

  • You love travelling. You like to visit tourist attractions and see historical places. You like to experience new cultures and have a change in scenery from a typical city life. What better career to have than to be the one who manages these tourist attractions and travel places?
  • You want a flexible and mobile job. Being in the hospitality and tourism industry you must enjoy working flexible hours outside of the typical office working hours. Your job may even take you across the country, or even the world, to attend trainings and meet people for business purposes.

diploma in hotel management maybe not

This diploma might not be for you if…

  • You hate the idea of wearing formal clothes all the time. A career in hotel management means you have to always be at your best and wear your sharpest suits to look good in front of the guests. Your image reflects the image of the hotel. You might also need to work shifts. This means you will be in formal clothes at odd hours of the night, during weekends and even on holidays.
  • You do not want to be a leader. Although there are many different types of jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry, the main purpose of the diploma in hotel management in Malaysia is to sharpen you up and groom you into a leader who can handle an organization, be someone who can delegate tasks and plan to use resources efficiently. If managerial or directorial position is not something you aim for, then maybe this course is not for you.

diploma in hotel management definitely not

This diploma is certainly not for you if...

  • You don’t like to serve other people. A career in hotel management has only one ultimate goal which is to serve people and ensure their utmost satisfaction. You may be the leader, but at the end of the day, your duty is to serve the guests.


Career options with a Hotel Management Diploma

With this diploma you can find a place in almost any company either related or non-related to the hospitality and tourism industry. Here are some industries you can work in:

  • Airline industry
  • Cruise ship industry
  • Hotel industry
  • Retail sector

Within these industries, some of the positions that you can hold are:

  • Food & Beverages Manager
  • Front Office Executive
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Executive
  • Travel agent


Entry requirement for a Diploma in Hotel Management in Malaysia

  • SPM: Minimum 3 credits
  • O Level: Minimum 3 C’s

(entry requirements may differ between universities)