Heriot-Watt University Malaysia's BBA (Hons) Bachelor of Business Administration focuses on the ways in handling management or business matters effectively and efficiently. By taking international management and world issues concerns, the students in this university can be seen to have an independant view supported with a strong basis of arguments. That way, graduates from this university would be able to climb the corporate ladder quickly as they would be trained to think intellectually and innovatively. The course can be learnt through a holistic understanding of theories behind business administration. Case studies from the business world will be adopted to enhance the learning ability of the students. Besides theory, personal development is very much valued by Heriot-Watt Malaysia Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons). Soft skills in presentation, communication, problem-solving will be part of the 3 years modules. This will groom them to be an all rounder graduate with a top class abilities.

Intake and Duration

  • Jan 3yr
  • Sep 3yr

Entry Requirements

  • 3 C's A Level
  • 3 C's STPM

Course Structure

Fee Structure

Putrajaya Campus

Malaysian: 3+0

Intake & Duration

  • Jan 3yr
  • Sep 3yr
MYR 500.00 HW Registration Fee 2019
MYR 102,780.00 HW Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 34,260 / yr)
MYR 103,280.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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