Quick Facts

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical Engineering by Monash University Malaysia is a 4-year degree programme which upon completion, students will graduate with 'Honours'.
  • The Ministry of Education (MoE) rated the School of Engineering with TIER 5 (Excellent) in D-SETARA Engineering. On top of that, the chemical engineering programme was ranked number 22 in the QS World University Subject Rankings 2015.
  • Students can begin learning on the methods to convert raw materials into energy, food and other useful products through the mulitple intakes available in a year (February, July and October).


Course Structure

Students of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical Engineering by Monash University Malaysia will have to go through units (areas of study) offered in 4 levels. In Level 1, students will learn about the fundamentals of engineering design to make things lighter, faster and stronger. After that, students will be learning about "market-ready" design; making things and processes cleaner, safer and smarter. Upon completion of the general units in Level 1, students will gain necessary background in the sciences and engineering fundamentals in areas such as heat and mass transfer in Level 2. Level 3 and 4 units will be more practical work with units such as Process Control (Level 3) and working on a Chemical Engineering project in Level 4 that will utilize on the knowledge learnt over the years. This program is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge for a scalable, effective and safe operation of processes.


Should You Take This Course?

Students who has the love for chemistry, physics and mathematics will find this programme suitable as Monash University Malaysia Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Chemical Engineering will involve these subjects extensively. Students will be studying the changes in the composition and nature of matter and its properties apart from the forces acting on it. On top of that, students will also be studying the relationships between matter and its forces; how it is affected or related to one another. Research development firms and manufacturing plants are some of the places of work that can be considered upon graduation.

Intake and Duration

  • Feb 4yr
  • Jul 4yr
  • Oct 4yr

Entry Requirements

  • 10 A Level

Course Structure

Fee Structure

Sunway Campus


Intake & Duration

  • Feb 4yr
  • Jul 4yr
  • Oct 4yr
MYR 100.00 Monash Application Fee 2019
MYR 800.00 Monash General Amenities 2019 (MYR 100 / sem)
MYR 200.00 Monash Registration Fee 2019
MYR 186,800.00 Monash Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 46,700 / yr)
MYR 187,900.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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