Quick Facts

  • Monash University Malaysia Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering is accreditated by Board of Engineers Malaysia’s Engineering Accreditation Council, students are to complete industrial training for 12 weeks with full written report.
  • The university undertakes an intensive and extensive research and developments in engineering which allows students the room to innovate for a better civil engineering.
  • Monash University School of Engineering has calibre rankings of 48th for engineering and technology in the world announced by Times Higher Education. 2014 - 2015.


Course Structure

Taking up Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering from Monash University Malaysia promises hands-on practical learning and theoretical values learning. This steep learning curve enhances the experience of students in adopting outstanding designs for constructions, maintenance and infrastructure in this area of civil engineering. The most common knowledge that civil engineers will learn is to be able to construct bridges, oil rigs, multi-storey buildings, roads, water system and base support of a structure. The overall civil engineering course in Monash is segregated into 4 different areas, structural engineering, water resources engineering, transportation engineering and geotechnical engineering. Based on these areas, modules are structured in a way that students are in charge in undertaking the basic design in infrastructure necessities for a better living environment. In Monash, Year 2 students will have flexibility in allowing students to choose their specialist either in water systems, transportations and geomechanics.


Why Should You Take Up This Course?

The dynamic part of being a Civil Engineer is that you can be working in different sets of environments such as oil rigs, reservoir, construction sites, transportation hubs and etc. Keen students that are able to work in these environments will find this enjoyable to their liking which is unlike a blue collar occupation that is stationed in the office most of the time. You will have the huge responsibilities to head to the site in safeguarding the infrastructure and sometimes engineers need to endure challenges in a harsh environment. The job fields offered to civil engineers are unlimited from building construction, biotechnology, power generations, telecommunications, manufacturing to mining. 

Intake and Duration

  • Feb 4yr
  • Jul 4yr
  • Oct 4yr

Entry Requirements

  • 10 A Level

Course Structure

Fee Structure

Sunway Campus


January Intake

Intake & Duration

  • Feb 4yr
  • Jul 4yr
  • Oct 4yr
MYR 100.00 Monash Application Fee 2019
MYR 800.00 Monash General Amenities 2019 (MYR 100 / sem)
MYR 200.00 Monash Registration Fee 2019
MYR 186,800.00 Monash Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 46,700 / yr)
MYR 187,900.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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