In this era of technology, there are more collaborations between computer systems and human. Weather forecast, new system discoveries, gaming, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics are some of the few areas that students from Monash University Malaysia Bachelor of Computer Science can get into once they graduate. Monash Unversity Malaysia offers this course to students that has completed MUFY, Diploma, UEC, STPM, A Level or equivalent. However, the point system for entry differs with different academic background. MUFY would be 72.5%, UEC is  4.2, STPM and A Level would need 9 Points while Diploma is 28 Points for entry. This course, Monash University Malaysia Bachelor of Computer Science that evaluates the complexity of systems takes about 3 years to complete. Students can study for this course at Monash University Malaysia Bandar Sunway campus. There are 3 intakes in a year, February, July and October.

Intake and Duration

  • Feb 3yr
  • Jul 3yr
  • Oct 3yr

Entry Requirements

  • 72.5% MUFY
  • 9 STPM
  • 9 A Level
  • 4.2 UEC

Course Structure

Coming Soon. 

Fee Structure

Sunway Campus


Intake & Duration

  • Feb 3yr
  • Jul 3yr
  • Oct 3yr
MYR 100.00 Monash Application Fee 2019
MYR 600.00 Monash General Amenities 2019 (MYR 100 / sem)
MYR 200.00 Monash Registration Fee 2019
MYR 117,750.00 Monash Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 39,250 / yr)
MYR 118,650.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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