The ties between Sunway University College and Monash University designed a programme for students with excellent results called Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY). This course is conducted at Sunway Subang Jaya, and Johor Bahru. This course is unique as completed graduate of this programme would be able to have straight access to one of the best universities in Australia, Monash University. Modules selection learnt in this programme will depend on the student's preference on which course they would like to explore. New students can choose any 1 intakes available in January or March or July or August. Monash University Foundation Year can be completed within a year and has a minimum entry requirement of 5 Credits in SPM/O Level (including a Credit in English).

Intake and Duration

  • Jan 10m
  • Mar 9m
  • Jul 10m
  • Aug 9m

Entry Requirements

  • 5 C's SPM
  • 5 C's O Level

Course Structure

The core subjects offered in Monash University Foundation Year Programme are:

  • English 1 (Comprehension and Persuasion)
  • English 2 (Exploring Ideas)


The elective subjects (choose 6 or 8 units only) offered in Monash University Foundation Year Programme are:

  • Accounting 1 (Fundamentals of Accounting)
  • Accounting 2 (Financial Accounting)
  • Economics 1 (Introduction to Microeconomics)
  • Economics 2 (Introduction to Macroeconomics)
  • Information and Computer Technology 1 (Applications and Introduction To Programming)
  • Information and Computer Technology 2 (Networks, Database and Programming 2)
  • Advanced Mathematics 1 (Essential Concepts)
  • Advanced Mathematics 2 (Calculus with Application)
  • Fundamental Mathematics 1 (Pattern in Number)
  • Fundamental Mathematics 2 (Contexts for Mathematics)
  • Mathematics 1 (Functions and Calculus)
  • Mathematics 2 (Probability and Statistics)
  • Biology 1 (Functioning Organisms)
  • Biology 2 (Inheritance and Change)
  • Chemistry 1 (Chemical Connections)
  • Chemistry 2 (Chemistry and Industry)
  • Physics 1 (Mechanics)
  • Physics 2 (Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics)
  • Globalisation 1 (Nations, Economics and People)
  • Globalisation 2 (Culture, Rights and Reactions)

Fee Structure

Select Campus:

Sunway Campus

Malaysian: 8 Subjects

Intake & Duration

  • Jan 10m
  • Mar 9m
  • Jul 10m
  • Aug 9m
MYR 4,800.00 Assessment Fee (MYR 600 / subject)
MYR 700.00 Deposit (Refundable)
MYR 700.00 Registration Fee
MYR 2,040.00 Student Resource Fee (MYR 1,020 / semester)
MYR 18,400.00 Tuition Fee (MYR 2,300 / subject)
MYR 26,640.00 Total
Other Fee:
MYR 350.00 Lab Fee (MYR 350 / science or computing subject)

* All fees are subject to change.

Johor Bahru Campus

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