Top 3 Facts About Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at Swinburne University Malaysia

  • Ideal for students looking for a course that provides guidance for economics endeavours and prepare students for various aspects of accounting career including financial accounting, tax and auditing as well as economics and company law practices.
  • For 3 years, the course will cover the key concepts of accounting such as Accounting Theory, Management Accounting for Planning and Control, Company Accounting and Financial statistics as well as learn how to tackle current issues faced by modern businesses around the world covered within the course units like Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Due to the flexible structure of Swinburne University’s Accounting major programme, the course allows students the opportunity to extend students accounting knowledge and apply within an accounting setting as well as teach students the correct ways of handling certain key aspects of accounting such as preparing and validating financial statements, create and mange financial systems and thinking of the best solution to enhance clients businesses.

3 Reasons to Study Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at Swinburne University Malaysia

  • Student-centered Education: Students will be educated through engaging learning activities that follows the National Threshold Learning Standards, intended to instil wide range of valuable skills such as oral and communication skills, as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills that are vital to the accounting field.
  • Industry Exposure: Students can choose to complete their Work Integrated Learning program, an industry placement of either six months or 12 months, where students will be working alongside with accounting specialists to gain hands-on industry experiences and be given the responsibility to work on numerous current accounting related projects.
  • Programme Recognition: Successful completion of the course will lead students to apply for a mid to high level positions within an accounting-related areas around the world. This is due to the course being accredited by one of the internationally recognised bodies, CPA Australia.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the accounting discipline and global frameworks, including the concepts and models of accounting, internal and external financial reporting and international accounting standards.
  • Able to distinguish and apply suitable accounting and non-accounting related tools to a variety of issues related to business, social and environmental settings.
  • Explore and evaluate accounting information that best suit business strategies and practices to generate sustainable economic significance.
  • Exhibit accounting competence and achieve professional qualification that are acknowledged and treasured globally.
  • Able to rationalise critically and make effective decisions in different organisational situations.

Intake and Duration

  • Jan 3yr
  • Mar 3yr
  • Sep 3yr
  • Oct 3yr

Entry Requirements

  • 5 B's UEC
  • CDD A Level

Course Structure

Core Units

  • Financial Information for Decision Making
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Introduction to Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Professional Communication Practice

Mandatory Final Year Capstone Units

  • Integrative Business Practice
  • Industry Consulting Project

Discipline Major

  • Financial Information Systems
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Statistics
  • Management Accounting for Planning and Control
  • Company Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Company Law
  • Taxation
  • Accounting Theory
  • Analysis for Competitive Advantage
  • Auditing

Fee Structure

Sarawak Campus

Malaysian: 3+0

Intake & Duration

  • Jan 3yr
  • Mar 3yr
  • Sep 3yr
  • Oct 3yr
MYR 72,696.00 Swinburne Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 24,232 / year)
MYR 72,696.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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