Top 3 Facts About Bachelor of Business (Management & Digital Media) at Swinburne University Malaysia

  • An ideal course that combines creativity with business skills and explore world's adoption of digital media in business industry as well as learn the ways to manage creative undertakings from a business standpoints.
  • The course teaches students ways to control and exploit the world's digital media for the purpose of shaping corporate image, drawing clientele and creating platforms to market products.
  • The course is designed to educate potential managers on how to control and manipulate digital media, at the same time improve students business abilities skills which are two highly valued combination in today’s social media world. These skills will be developed through the course’s intensive structure including units such as Introduction to Management, Integrative Business Practice, Digital Media Design New Technologies and Interactive Design for Web Technology.

3 Reasons to Study Bachelor of Business (Management & Digital Media) at Swinburne University Malaysia

  • Professional Coaching: With a distinguished and passionate group of industry practitioners of years of experiences, Swinburne University offers students to be educated on business integrated digital media projects that provide real-world knowledge for an enriching students' learning experience.
  • Industry Exposure: Through Swinburne University's Work Integrated Learning, students get to explore the filed they would like to work in after graduation and students' professional network will be expanded through interactions with digital business leaders in the field.
  • Flexible Outcomes: Once students have completed the course, students have the options to take advantage of the digital media sectors such as social media, digital marketing, project and account management which are available locally and internationally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Achieve fundamental knowledge of the financial and logistics mechanisms within the digital media world.
  • Acquire invaluable practical skills that are necessary to manage a digital media company.
  • Able to conduct marketing research and develop effective online sales and marketing tactics, including product analysis, pricing strategies and promotional programmes.
  • Assess marketing tactics and evaluate the impact to consumers and business goal achievements.
  • Identify the co-relationships between cost, pricing and profit that affects the world’s supply chain and management operations.

Intake and Duration

  • Jan 3yr
  • Mar 3yr
  • Sep 3yr
  • Oct 3yr

Entry Requirements

  • 5 B's UEC
  • CDD A Level

Course Structure

Business Core Units

  • Financial Information for Decision Making
  • Professional Communication Practice
  • Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Business Law
  • Introduction to Management
  • Business and Society
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Sustainable Organizational Design
  • Strategic Planning in Dynamic Environment
  • Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Integrative Business Practice

Design Core Units

  • Imaging for Narrative and Storyboards
  • Design for Digital Media
  • 2D Character Animation
  • Interactive Design for Web Technology
  • Interactive Design for Games and Web Applications Visual Language
  • Visual Language
  • Advertising Design
  • Copywriting
  • Integrated Campaign Management
  • Digital Media Design New Technologies
  • Individual Research Project
  • Digital Media Design Capstone Project
  • Careers in the Curriculum

Fee Structure

Sarawak Campus

Malaysian: 3+0

Intake & Duration

  • Jan 3yr
  • Mar 3yr
  • Sep 3yr
  • Oct 3yr
MYR 72,696.00 Swinburne Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 24,232 / year)
MYR 72,696.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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