Top 3 Facts About Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) (Honours) at Swinburne University Malaysia

  • Ideal for students looking to master a discipline which applies the principles of electrical and electronic engineering field, including the production, circulation and application of electrical energy as well as designing and controlling of modern electronic devices.
  • For a duration of 4 years, the course will introduce students to the multiple facets of electrical and electronic engineering and educate students ways on how to boost the industries productivity through one electrical structure at a time.
  • Students will undergo two Final Year Research Projects referred as the Capstone Experiences, which helps to meet experts’ accreditation requirements and standards.

3 Reasons to Study Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) (Honours) at Swinburne University Malaysia

  • Student-centered Education: Students will be surrounded in a learning environment which utilise business-standard tools used in the industry within cutting-edge laboratories with the guidance of industry experts.
  • Industry Exposure: Swinburne University’s Professional Experience in Engineering enable students to gain 12 weeks of engineering practices and teaches students on the best ways to address complex industry matters with ground-breaking solutions.
  • Flexible Outcomes: Upon completion, graduates have the opportunity to advance their education to postgraduate studies or begin a career in broad range of industries, from robotics, automotive to aerospace and even the manufacturing and power industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Able to apply professional engineering expertise and knowledge of background factors in order to develop and sustain electrical engineering systems, products and structure.
  • Able to demonstrate capacity to plan and implement network-linked projects in engineering discipline as well as portray the ability to provide for professional development.
  • Exhibit creative and advanced approaches while planning and executing industry-related projects.
  • Practise self-sufficiency and professionalism when analysing, reviewing and synthesising information to solve engineering problems.
  • Assume diverse team roles and apply interpersonal skills in order to produce a positive outcome and utilise maximum teamwork skills.

Intake and Duration

  • Mar 4yr
  • Sep 4yr
  • Oct 4yr

Entry Requirements

  • 5 B's UEC
  • CDD A Level

Course Structure

Year 1

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Electronics Systems
  • Engineering Mathematics 1
  • Engineering Mathematics 2
  • Energy and Motion
  • Professional Skills – Electrical Engineering
  • Networks and Switching

Year 2

  • Digital Electronics Design
  • Circuits and Systems
  • Embedded Microcontrollers
  • Analogue Electronics 1
  • Electrical Machines
  • Technical Software Development
  • Engineering Mathematics 3B

Year 3

  • Engineering Management 1
  • Analogue Electronics 2
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Communications Principles
  • Control and Automation
  • Integrated Design Project

Year 4

  • Final Year Research Project 1 (BEET)
  • Final Year Research Project 2 (BEET)
  • Engineering Management 2
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Power Electronics
  • Power System Operation and Control

Elective units

  • Elective Unit 1
  • Elective Unit 2
  • Elective Unit 3
  • Elective Unit 4

Compulsory, non-credit units

  • Careers in the Curriculum
  • Professional Experience in Engineering

Fee Structure

Sarawak Campus

Malaysian: 4+0

Intake & Duration

  • Mar 4yr
  • Sep 4yr
  • Oct 4yr
MYR 126,368.00 Swinburne Tuition Fee 2019 (MYR 31,592 / year)
MYR 126,368.00 Total

* All fees are subject to change.

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