SPM 2019 Tips

Your SPM Examination is a very important exam, one taken by almost every high school student in Malaysia. The results will determine the courses and scholarships available to you. To help you score well in the upcoming SPM exam, UniDigest has prepared SPM 2019 Tips for you. These SPM 2019 Tips are meant to help you study smart and fast for your respective SPM exam papers in Malaysia.

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Why did we do this for you?

The team at UniDigest.com came about to produce these SPM 2019 Tips for the students of Malaysia because:

  1. SPM is such an important examination for the students in Malaysia as it will affect what and where a student can study for their tertiary education.
  2. These SPM tips can provide students with the slight edge to score well for the SPM examination which opens up opportunities for their tertiary education.

Though UniDigest.com revolves around helping students to discover what and where to study for their tertiary education, we strongly believe that we will be able to help students even further by helping them at this critical juncture. Our free information portal, counselling and application service will be more useful to the students if they have more options and opportunities available to them.

SPM 2019 Tips sneak peek:

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1. English

  • Similar with Bahasa Melayu, using English in your daily conversation will help you improve your grasp of the language.
  • Reading more English materials whether is it newspapers, online articles or even fiction books will further help you strengthen your command of the language.

2. Bahasa Melayu

  • Converse with your friends and families in Bahasa Melayu as this will help strengthen your command of the language.
  • Improve your proficiency by reading Bahasa Melayu materials such as novels, newspapers and even essays.
  • One of the easiest ways to get extra marks during essay writing is to include "peribahasa" and "simpulan bahasa" so it will be wise to learn some new "peribahasa" and "simpulan bahasa" every day.

3. Bahasa Cina

  • There are 3 major parts in Bahasa Cina in SPM. The exam will test you on your writing skills, understanding of the language and also idioms that come with the language.
  • The only way to practice this is to use the Chinese language whether it is in your daily conversation or your reading & writing.

4. Sejarah

  • It is recommended that you have study materials for both Form 4 and Form 5 Sejarah as the questions for SPM Sejarah will come from your Form 4 and 5 textbooks.
  • Whenever you study a topic for the first time, it is important that you understand that facts that are being presented as history is a lot about how well you understood what happened in the past and formed the relation accordingly. Most of the historical events, are related to one another whereby one event triggered the next one which leads to another event.
  • The events, important people involved in the events and timeline of the respective events are the important parts to take note of to do well in Sejarah.

5. Mathematics

  • In order for you to get the SPM certificate, there are some subjects that you must pass with Mathematics being one of the compulsory subjects.
  • You will need to keep practicing to understand the different formulas and ways a question can be asked in order to do well in SPM Mathematics; it has a much stricter marking scheme and a higher minimum mark to get A+.

6. Additional Mathematics

  • With Additional Mathematics requiring a high accuracy in your answer (marks can be deducted if answer is less accurate), it is important to follow the instructions clearly such as rounding up to at least 4 significant figures for final answers with infinite decimal places.
  • You are allowed and should always write extra solutions / answers. If you are not sure how to answer a question, this will help you get the maximum marks possible. Marks will not be deducted from your wrong solutions / answers.

7. Physics

  • Physics is like an extension of Mathematics whereby besides the applications of formulas, students will need to understand the concepts to do well.
  • Despite this being an elective subject, students looking to pursue sciences in their tertiary education should take this subject especially for the field of Engineering.
  • By doing well in only your Paper 2 and 3, you will guarantee yourself a pass to a B. Paper 1 is meant to help you get your A.

8. Biology

  • Biology is usually only taken by students who are interested to pursue further studies in the field of health / life sciences.
  • One of the tricks to study well for SPM Biology is by viewing all of your topics as one big story about life. This will help accelerate your understanding of the different parts in this subject.

9. Chemistry

  • Similar to Physics, it is important for you to understand and apply the knowledge correctly to score well in your SPM Chemistry paper.
  • One of the biggest things that you will need to remember is the Period Table; especially for the first 20 elements as this will cover a large part of your studies in Chemistry.
  • Chemistry is "A MUST HAVE" subject if you want to enrol in any Science fields whether it is related to Health Science or Engineering.

10. Science

  • Despite Physics, Chemistry and Biology being science subjects, it is not compulsory for students to take this subject. However, Science is a compulsory subject that all non-pure science students will need to study for.
  • Similar to Biology, students will need to memorize through understanding in order to score well for this subject.
  • As the marking scheme is based on keywords and not understanding of theory, it is very important for students to memorise the terms while being able to accurately explain the processes.

11. Pendidikan Moral

  • To score well in SPM Pendidikan Moral, you will need to answer the questions with the exact words, phrases and/or definitions. This means that you will need to memorise a list of 36 "Nilai" together with the "Definisi" and "Kata Kunci".

12. Prinsip Perakaunan

  • It is important for you to understand what the questions are asking and answer the questions accordingly, especially when it involves "pelarasan".
  • Accounting is all about systems, tracking and organization, so it is important to solve the questions in a systematic and orderly manner.

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